Door Cars


Door Car Options for Your Unique Vehicle

At Kasey Lane Race Cars, we can take a normal street car and put a four-link suspension in it, roll cages and back halves, build custom firewalls, and more! 

Everything we do at our family-owned shop is built by hands. With 15 years of experience, you can trust our auto experts to service your needs with options made to fit your unique vehicle.

Contact Kasey Lane Race Cars today at 940-580-3306 for a FREE estimate on the door car services you're looking for!

Door Car Installations and Services

  • Roll cages
  • Back halfves
  • Four-link suspension for normal street cars
  • Strut front-end installation with a mounted one-piece fiberglass front end
  • Tubs and mini tubs
  • Lexan window installations
  • Transmission tunnels
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